Hopkins Hall

Our classroom is warmed by a wood stove, and complete with tables and chairs for meetings and workshops. The tree farm office is located in Hopkins Hall.

Cedar Grove Picnic Shelter

Located in the heart of the property, the Shelter covers a half dozen picnic tables; with nearby drinking water and a restroom this is an attractive area for a lunch break or a class meeting.

Restrooms & Drinking Water

There are two vault-style restrooms on the tree farm: one near the main gate and parking area, the other near the Amphitheater on Grouse Hollow Road. A hand-pump well at the Cedar Grove Picnic Shelter brings cool fresh drinking water to the surface to quench your thirst.


Benches and a fire ring are used for gatherings, especially campfire programs.


We park our bus in the pole building, along with many of the tools and supplies used on the tree farm.

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