Trail and Road Descriptions


  1. Hopkins Trail
    This trail traces our northern property boundary, paralleling Grouse Hollow Road from Hopkins Hall to Low Gear Road. Hopkins Trail provides access to the Cedar Grove Picnic Shelter and the Amphitheater, with drinking water and a restroom nearby.
  2. East Loop Watershed Trail
    An easy trail that crosses Little Buckner Creek just downstream from a former beaver pond, then follows the creek to another crossing where skunk cabbage abound in early spring. The trail continues on an old roadbed through a thick stand of western redcedar, ending at the "Vented Ford" stream crossing near Up Creek Road.
  3. Middle Loop Watershed Trail
    This section of the Watershed Interpretive Trail skirts our southern property boundary beneath a shady grove of large western redcedar, then rejoins Little Buckner Creek amidst a red alder stand, before its end, at Down Creek Road beneath a dense mixed conifer stand.
  4. West Loop Watershed Trail
    The end of Down Creek Road is the beginning of adventure into one of the wildest portions of Hopkins Tree Farm. This trail extends to the west, rising above Little Buckner Creek for scenic views, and connecting with the Uneven-Age Trail and Grouse Hollow Road.
  5. Uneven-Age Trail
    Connecting Grouse Hollow Road and the West Loop Watershed Trail, the Uneven-Age Trail takes hikers around the southern perimeter of the Uneven-Age Management Demonstration, where multiple age-classes of mixed-conifer trees are grown together in the same stand.


  1. Grouse Hollow Road
    is a hardened gravel road traversing the tree farm. This main line road links nearly all other trails and roads on the property.
  2. Creek Road
    provides all-season access to our Riparian Management Area. This road extends south from Grouse Hollow Road across from the Lower Restroom.
  3. Low Gear, Carlson, Post, and Up & Down Creek roads
    are "dry season" roads. Vehicle traffic is infrequent on these roads; they make excellent walking routes to explore the woodland.
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